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, as well. this is coming from southern maryland where they have really been hit hard. another area of moderate rainfall to the north through montgomery county, loudoun county and lifting to frederick and carroll counties on i-70. a lot of rain out there. as we zoom in you will see the heavy showers in and around the metro. upper marlboro south and east coming down, cats and dogs and jason in the chat room said guinea pigs and everything at the same time. let's switch over to the storm totals from what we have been watching. locally you see the bands of the heavier totals to the west but southern maryland n to the northern neck, we have seen some numbers down there -- doppler estimates in the six- inch category already. that's this rainfall from the storm total. talk about the rain potential through saturday morning. some of our models are indicating this one band off to the eastern -- parts of eastern carolina to the eastern shore could be in excess of seven, eight inches. locally three to five inches. locally six or seven not out of the question. this is an incredible event we are
maryland, and eastern st. mary's county in southern maryland until 7:00 this morning. it could affect pax river naval air sttion, saint leonard creek, greenwell ste park and calvert cliffs. and that is heading off to the north and west. elsewhere on the radar we have some other pockets of very heavy rn that are farther to the north across the bay, and just now near camp island and moving toward queen anne's county. other pockets, ver heavy rain in montgomery county and southern frederick county. western loudoun county the panhandle ofest virginia here in jefferson county, getting some very avy rain, as well. so this area of rain, with a potential tornado here in st. mary's and in calvert county, this is heading off to the nrth and west. and it is perhaps going to be heading into charles county, and into prince george's county. may not be a tornado. butcertainly some heavy rain with maybe blustery winds heading that way. right now right near washington where you see the green and blue, the rain is a little bit lighter. but here comes another surge, though. that will continue to movein here
parts of southern maryland down route 4 in to calvert and st. mary's county and even six inch totals across the northern neck. back to the weather computer. if we can, i want to show you the moisture streaming in from the south. low pressure coming out of south carolina already produced upwards of 20 inches of rain in eastern north carolina. obviously flooding is going on there. this will be with us for the day. maybe lessening later in the afternoon. you can see how the moisture continues to stream north. look at those deep oranges. the deep tropical rich moisture moving north. with that and a storm tracking to this west. a tornado watch until 7 a.m. this is a short lived one. i imagine this will be replaced after 7 a.m. and basically everyone east of 95 including washington, much of howard county, eastern montgomery, down to the northern neck, southern maryland, eastern shore. tornado watch until 7 a.m. and as far as the flood watch, we have the flood watch until 9:00. the counties in green, which is the entire metro, southern maryland down to fredericksburg out to loudoun, eastern
down to southern maryland and fredericksburg including the dc metro until 10:45. flood watch until 5:00 and a tornado watch for think dc metro points east and southeast until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. we have had doppler indicated warnings earlier. many to southeastern virginia and eastern north carolina. i think we will see more tornado warnings as we go in to mid to late morning ands for a the rain potential, still storm total four to five inches. locally eight plus to the south and east. it is 6:02. >>> angie? >> a couple of problems out there. specifically we know that heavy rains caused a lot of issues for tractor-trailer drivers and we have a jackknifed one on the inner loop. and this is what it is causing. a big stackup approaching old georgetown road. that's where the scene is and the stack up starts at river road and it is growing. on the outer loop, no incidents or accidents. from university over to georgia a good amount of congestion is building. take it to the maps. 70 eastbound. another traffic is overturned in this area has all eastbound lanes closed. drivers being forc
come first. >>> up next, a tornado in southern maryland. we have this covered. mike us a out in the weather. >> reporter: i'm mike schuh in fells point, a live report we we return. >>> it's a wet oned on a messy one. we'll go down the long list of problems. let's send it over to marty. >>> there's a lot of problems because of the weather. here's first warning doppler radar. believe it or not, the heaviest rain in the region is not where we have the tornado warning, but that's not unexpected. we'll take a look at the watches warnings and advisories when we return right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> this breaking news happening right now. it's raining area wide but there is a tornado warning for two counties in southern maryland or the parts of two counties and sharon had a morning long traffic problem on interstate 70. first, marty has first warning weather. >> this is such breaking weather news. i'm still looking at it. all right. fine. the weather has gotten wild over the past 15 minutes. first and foremost, let's take a look at first warning doppler radar. and let me s
to southern maryland. may see lightning and thunder with that. back to the weather computer one more time and show you the potential for rainfall. off to the south and east, at least through midnight we are talking about some areas in eastern virginia down through the northern neck, southern maryland, eastern shore eight inches plus. >> wow! >> we are already five or six. so a foot down there would not be out of the question. flood warnings will be coming up and whatever precautions you have to take to get things high, maybe the basement if that is going to flood, make sure the sump pump is plugged in. temperatures low 70s southeast. upper 50s in martinsburg and cumberland and top off in the 75 to 80-degree range and winds gusting over 20 at pax river. expect that to pick up, as well. it is 4:82. angie -- 4:32. i hope people are staying off the roads. >> everything, a reminder, do not attempt to drive through standing water, especially a lot of high water covers dips in the roads. that can create dangerous situations. already seeing early morning problems. this is not this in the immediat
, the entire metro region, southern maryland, culpeper, up to pennsylvania, the northern neck, all under flood warnings at this hour. many of these go through mid afternoon and may be extended beyond that because there's more rain out there. tracking live doppler 9000 hd in is chief meteorologist topper shutt. >> thank you, hb. we are not done yet. you have to go back to floyd to see the totals east of town and some of us that remember agnes in ' 72 where we had a foot of rain across the area. start with live doppler and talk about the totals. the bull's eye has been east of town. eight inches to the south. ten inches, unbelievable totals even inland a little bit we are talking five and three inches. everyone has received at least two or three inches of rain with this system. and as howard said we are not done yet. we have individual totals. 11.5 inches of rain in park hall in southern maryland and we are looking at 8.25 inches in california, saint mary's county and 7.5 in mechanicsville. so this has been the bull's eye today. the western shores of the bay and points east of town. still some h
want to emphasize light rain showers showing up on live doppler 9000 hd. southern maryland, leonardtown, lusby, saint leonard you may see a few sprinkles here. more in to the northern neck. heavier south to richmond. and even on the eastern shore, here's deal island. this could get up to tillman, vienna and easton may get a shower out of this. north an west of this -- i don't think this will get much more -- it might get up to mechanicsville or parts of eastern and southern charles county but for the most part i think the problem is a coastal problem. let's go to the weather computer and talk about the track of earl. earl by the way, a category two. winds yesterday were 145. now they are only 10 a. gusting to 125. the pressure has gone up and the organization has gone down and that's a good thing. we will watch earl as it moves up the coast. by noon passing ocean city, a little further away so the winds won be as strong as ocean city as cape hatteras. tonight, look at this. weakening, winds 90 miles an hour at 8:00 but it will go close to martha's vineyard and cape cod. they have to dea
of rain. in bethesda, over 2 inches. vienna, about 0.25 inches. southern maryland, tomorrow morning, you may be seeing some heavy rains down around charlotte county and st. mary's county. here is what is going on around the area. here is the regional radar. here we are in washington. he was the first batch we came to earlier today. there is a general area of low pressure. this next batch will come up and over, and i think more into southern maryland as we get into the early morning areas. i think we will break out with a bit of sunshine. high temperatures around the country today, we were at 78. the mid part of the country again in the '80s. phoenix was 106. it missed the record by one degree. humidity all the way into new york city. we are headed toward october with a do point of 70 -- a dew point of 70. another wave is going to be dipping to the south. by thursday, that will be bringing in more heavy rains. tomorrow morning, especially folks in southern maryland and the eastern suburbs of washington will see locally heavy rain showers. by 12:00, that latest batch moves off. i think by
for another 40 minutes. it goes from carroll county and all. and all the way to virginia and southern maryland -- carroll county and howard county and all the way into virginia and southern maryland. there are more in the forecast and sandra shaw will talk about that next. >> futurecast really tells the tale. we will seek in excess on some of the western sides of the daby of at 6 inches of rain. up to about a foot is possible. this gives you the full impact of the torrential downpours. easy to understand why the flash flood warnings are in effect, because the floods are imminent, happening around these urban streams. we were in a drought-type situation, and then all the rain fell this week. it is really a volatile situation out there, and we could see trees go as well as the soil gets saturated. a wind advisory is in effect for the rest of the afternoon as well. higher gusts of up to 30 miles per hour likely. here is a look at the current weather is an area. low pressure around the carolinas. remnants of-- nicole will add to the mix. this projection of the jet is pushing moisture in our direct
will impact our area. live doppler radar shows showers across southern maryland just beginning to enter st. mary's county and into portions of our viewing area. lood watch. rain totals possibly two to 4 inches locally. -- furture cast shows a flash flood watch. this afternoon after sexually abusing a 04-year-old. he is accused of abusing a little girl all working at the miniland dav(p)e center. >>> the mayor is calling it a brazen attack. one person is under arrest and a manhunt underway for a second suspect after a deadly shooting in the district. the bullets flew in from day on u street in northwest. cambrian carter is there live. -- brianne carter is there live. >> residents and city leaders are describing this incident as tragic. this was the scene last night where police arrested brandon miller. miller is now facing the charge of first-degree murder while armed in connection with the shooting in northwest that killed one man and injured another. >> what happened yesterday was without any question one of the most brazen shootings that has ever happened in d.c. >> the gun fire ropewalfi
waves and since them in some locations in southern maryland there's been over seven inches that has fallen there. they have floodin problems in st. mary's counts andcal ver county, anne arundel county. we ve a severe thunderstorm warning issued for the district of columbia as well as montgomery, northern prince george's county and howard count y all coming from this particular storm cell that is now in northwest and northeast washington advancing to the north. this one may be producing some damaging winds as well as into prince george's county near college park and near the beltway where it crosses into silver spring. they're getting some heavy downpours. there may be damaging winds there and on up to ashton and perhaps near olney. this is just east of wheaton and aspen hill. that heavy downpour storm is perhaps producing some damaging wds, strong gusts. it's a severe thunderstorm warning meaning we may have damaging winds for northeast and nor northwest washington and then into maryland right from near hyattsville to silver spring and college park, then further to the north to east
are quiet. a few sprinkles here, but it is in southern maryland, the northern neck and the eastern shore that you see the yellow and orange from cambridge down through st. mary's county here and again in to southern calvert as well over to the northern neck. this is really starting to come down. but this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. a lot of rain is expected. back on the weather computer and show you what is happening. a flood watch midnight to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. we are expecting a lot of rain and this flood watch will go up and down from the carolinas in to new york state and new england. how much rain are we talking about? well, this is one computer model. i just want to show you this because when we start to see the oranges here, we are talking four to five inches and we have pockets of it. the red is even three to four inches. we will show you tighter amounts coming up later, and plus talk about the storm and what the time frame is and what the weekend is looking like when i see you in 12 minutes or so. back to you. an update on the dead deadly daylight shooting on u
across southern maryland by saturday at 5:00 and we'll say a shower far south and east. but most of us are not going to so that and we'll watch to see if we don't get a return of moisture and that complicating factor is when they're cut off from the jet streams and the models are different with this this week. we think this is where that is going to be. saturday, 85 degrees; cooler on sunday, 76 and that is close by as central virginia and might go into southern maryland. again, not a lot of huge confidence in this forecast and a big deal today. and this is a big deal. for at least two weeks, our computer models have been telling us that something was going to develop in the caribbean and that is to take it by the weekend close to nicaragua and going across central america where the models are suggesting it's a turn and going to the gulf of mexico or florida. we need the watch, tropical storm matthew and lisa dissipated. 94 degrees in d.c. and potentially record-breaking and that low i was showing you, brian, that is spinning around without a driver, that should get in here monday and
one band of rain swinging through. there's more in southern maryland. on the wider view we're checking out a band of rain from the south and though it doesn't look that impressive we're in this environment where it may enhance upon itself as a frontal boundary is draped through the region. it looks like our front pushing through southern maryland. we're on the cool side for most of today. once we shift the winds we'll get into the influence of tropical moisture trying to come up from the gulf of mexico. again, there's our front but the low pressure itself rides to our west and keeps us with that threat of -- look at the bands of heavy rain in the carolinas and back in through central and southern georgia. essentially a very rainy weather pattern. the heavier rain has yet to move in here. our forecast model indicating we may pump up thunderstorms by this afternoon, 4:00. and heavier bands of rain with the low pressure itself to the west. that tries to pivot through by tonight and tomorrow morning. could be a very wet ride. then we'll try to swing that front through the region and cut th
for southern maryland. tornado watch for the entire area until early this afternoon. rain continues to stream northward. that is the kids all day today >>> will love you when we are near and far apart, while we are young and when we are old. i love and i cherish who you are and who i am when i am with you. i pledge to always remain with you. >> i will love you on good days and in bad, whether we live in wealth or in poverty, in good health or in illness, i will love you when we are far apart and when we are sitting close, while we are young and when we are old. i love and cherish who you are an who i am with you. i love you and i pledge to always remain with you. >> there you have it, the moment of their i dos and how quickly they made their way over here to the hudson terrace, the now newly mr. and mrs. melissa and jeremy gephardt. you made it here really fast. >> yes. and wardrobe change, too. >> when you said your vow, how calm and confident you seemed in front of a national audience. what was that moment like for you? >> it was great. we've waited such a long time. we were just excited an
for the area through 1:00 p.m. we have had a couple of tornado warnings in southern maryland and the eastern shore and these little impulses of energy could spin up at any point in time. a flash flood warning for the entire area until 12:30. rainfall averaging three to six inches. wait until you see what we have had so far. flooding has been ebb tensive, to say the least. right now, i want to point out what we have. powerful doppler radar, we have a severe thunderstorm warning on top of everything else we have just mentioned. taking us to 9:30. we are watching heavy rain and the potential of gusty winds being carried to the surface. 50-60-miles per hour and if anything. some of these may actually help to spin off. we are looking southwest of bel aire for the he yes of the rainfall, showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. look at this, east of glenn pushy. 930 and the chesapeake. the heaviest rain has been focused. annapolis, you have been clobbered extending toward shadyside. >> let's show you what we are looking at. annapolis, closing in on five inches, you will do it before t
degrees in southern maryland. you folks in southern maryland will get the rain chances first as we go into tomorrow. here's a cheskt radar. showers way out he in the mountains that's associated with the cold frnt comng our way. those showers are falling apart. not much in the way of any re rain chance. look at the cool air ba up to our north and west. that is the air mass that's coming our way behind this weather front. w points are dropping 15 to 20 degrees in the last 2 hours across the great lakes and that punch of drier air is coming our way for late tonight and through thfirst half of the day tomorrow. bend that weather front, the front will slowown as it gets down towards the north carolina-virginia border. it will come ck to the north as a warm front with plenty ever moisture. today very warm and dry. tomorrow generally a dry day but as that front starts to wavier back to the north late tomorrow afternoon and tonight, some rain chances tomorrow in southern maryland. 70% chance late in the day. sunday night and monday rain for sure. today partly sunny. sprinkle or two in the mou
of richmond and also in southern maryland. a little shower active between leonardtown and st. mary's city on the northern neck. bill in newland said it one doing anything. and we will see some light sprinkles or drizzle. heavier showers in to virginia and they may just brush extreme southern maryland an across the bay in to the eastern shore. as far as the winds, we are looking at them from last night during the overnight. they start to pick up at midnight. 24 virginia beach. not bad here in the delmarva. overnight they started to pick up. even ocean city is feeling the winds gusting over 20 miles an hour and wallops island is gusting to 26 miles an hour. earl on the latest advisory, winds 105 miles an hour. starting to pick up northeast at 18 miles an hour. as it weakens it will be a category two storm this afternoon. passing our beaches, 150-miles to the east and then heads to another land fall -- or a land fall near martha's vineyard, maybe cape cod. we will have to watch that as it starts to lose the tropical conditions an transitions to a nontropical low. the momslikeme.com bus stop
friends to the east, anne arundel cant and parts of prince georges county and southern maryland, an additional 3 to 5 inches of rain tonight. we'll come back and break down exactly what time frame that's going to occur in and what that means for your morning commute again tomorrow. lesley. >> well the heavy rain made a mess in the district causing flash floods that left some people stranded and others trapped in their cars. delia has been chasing the storm damage all day. >> reporter: folks in this neighborhood have seen it before. we are at the intersection of nebraska avenue at reno road. as this bus goes by, let's take a look past this street and the two-way traffic. you can see that large tree, simply up rooted. fortunately, see how the tree fell towards the wooded area? that's the good news here. no one was hurt. but many folks here, though they were lucky, the weather did create a lot of tense moments for many other people. traffic slowly creeps by as drivers take a look at mother nature's aftermath. a massive tree uprooted, struck by lightning on reno road at nebraska.
warning now in effect until 7:00 a.m. for southeastern calvert county in southern maryland and eastern st. mary's county in southern maryland. doppler radar indicates a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado near st. mary's city. the storm is moving to the north at 40 miles per hour. locations that could be impacted include patuxent naval air station, lusby, st. learn arrested reek, places like that. -- st. leonard creek, places like that. the tornado warning is in effect for the next 40 minutes. we'll keep our eyes on that area as well an let you know as more warnings pop up. >> all right. thank you. appreciate it. >> well, september is typically a bad month for the stock market but was there a change this year? >> we'll find out coming up in our business beat straight ahead. >>> you knew it was coming and we will indeed find out if the cost of a postage stamp is going up. the post office wants to raise the price of mailing a first class letter by two cents up to 46 cents. an independent panel is deciding if the post office should get that price hike. their decision is expect
up through southern florida counties. that could reach maryland and the chesapeake bay by thursday evening and thursday night. for us, that means the possibility of flooding range between 2 to 4 inches. on top of what we just had. there may be spots with higher amounts depending on where the rain bands set off. clouds trying to thicken up. we still do have a partly sunny sky across the area. 64 here in baltimore. imagine that mark in easton. mid- to upper 60s in southern maryland, cooler 50s to our northwest. as for the moisture, rain reaching southern maryland. perhaps a few sprinkles in caroline county. rain towards richmond and norfolk and further south. we'll be right along this boundary here. and the focal point of tapping into all this tropical moisture which extends through the carolinas, through florida. we've been watching the potential for tropical development here through southern florida today which would be nicole on the list. this is the pool of cool air that will spill in over the weekend. it helps to increase the flow. that'll take that storm and bring it here on to
and in southern maryland we've had the possibility of tornado activity and the waterspout. so southern maryland, the eastern shore, east of washington, d.c., that's where the heaviest rain and where the diceyest weather conditions have been. now just popping up, heavy rain in northwest washington, portions of southwest washington, along the northern portion of the beltway in bethesda, down toward arlington, college park, beltsville. this is a new area of heavy rain that has developed and is pushing from the south to the north. so we continue to be under the gun and we will be through the morning. let's go to our graphics. first of all, tornado watch. all of the counties that you see there under a tornado watch until 1:00 this afternoon. that does include washington, d.c. and baltimore and places like prince george's county, montgomery county, anne arundel county, carroll county and in virginia, fairfax county, prince william county. you can see there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, a lot to work with as it comes from the southeast. remember the carols have been getting it -- the carolin
. cumberland, 46 degrees. fredericksburg, 57. down in southern maryland, warmer. along the water. the water is warmer than the air this time of day, this time of year. 82 was the high yesterday. exactly average for this time of year. record is 98 degrees. mostly sunny today. >>s the about 4:40 right now. it is about 4:40 right now. not a lot of people on the roads this labor day. >> of course, the holiday certainly taking effect. the first shot you're seeing there. no traffic coming into town and of course, on the american legion bridge, also finally, as quiet as can be. >> looking great. the 14th street bridge. once again, just a couple cars, so if you have to go to work like us, you're in good company. coming up on the show -- >> we've got cleaning up on cragse list, the online bulletin board cuts a very controversial section. >> this is a completely fictitious committee. >> but first a warning for voters >> in or top stories at 4:4 4, investigators are looking forer four people who attacked and robbed a university of maryland student. it happened on hart wick road and college park. the s
calvert county and in southern maryland and eastern st. mary's county in southern maryland. this tornado warning in effect until 9:45 this morning. there is a severe thunderstorm there capable of producing a tornado. this is a -- this is near st. george island, could impact st. mary's city, lexington park, patuxent naval air station. california, lusby, these are the same places we keep mentioning all morning long. they are under the gun. again that tornado warning is in effect until 9:45. let's take a look at the area covered by a tornado watch. it's much of the region. particularly washington and points north and south and then to the east, tornado watch in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. as you've seen already this morning, certainly the possibility of tornadoes and even waterspouts forming. now let's go to hd radar and while we're doing that, i want to mention that we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 9:30 so another few minutes for central hartford county and that's in effect until 9:30 this morning. here is your hd radar. no relief in sight. we continue, first of
moved in to to southeastern areas of maryland. southern maryland, st. marys city, up to even around the solomons island area seeing showers. newlisten, tappahannock, picks up, richmond to williamsburg. moderate to heavy rain here. in the immediate metro probably not going to see any rain at all. the forecast from the hurricane center, earl is east of north carolina. 5:00 a.m. advisory just came in. moving at 18. it is a pretty gad clip. look at a video from north carolina an you can see the winds and waves coming on shore from this. we saw waves off shore earlier with this storm, 40 to 50 feet. looks like really, oh, this worst of the weather is in more, virginia and base of the delmarva beaches. earl is moving up the coast here. here we where are, parallel with our beaches and then quickly pulls away. our weather will bism proving greatly as earl pulls away from us. a quick look at the forecast for today. the wind field is showing the hurricane force winds are just off shore. i can't get through the graphics quickly enough. we will watch the storm and it approaches to martha's vine
virginia and southern maryland for the next several hours. it should clear out there as well. those winds will increase to 10 to 25 miles an hour by mid afternoon. that increases our fire danger. we are parched. we have tender, dry conditions and any fire gets going with those blustery winds could be turning into a wild fire. you have to watch out for that. no outside fires are allowed now. we're really in extreme fire danger because of that. we will take a look at the forecast for the rest of the week coming up. >>> we're going to check midday traffic now. we have steve in for jerry edwards. he joins us with the latest on the traffic. looks like you have a problem on the beltway. >>> actually, that's the 14th street bridge. it is a problem. we have road work and an accident. this is headed in by the way of the outbound 14th street bridge. accident along the right. work zone along the left. all of this causing major backup. once you get under the bridge, it gets better. getting there will be a bit of a problem. next, we will head over to springfield and see how we are doing over there rig
are down across southern maryland, down towards leonardtown, you might see light showers each of richmond and aross the lower eastern shore. you will get some rain showers and some winds particularly along the beaches. we'll get winds up to about 40 to 50 miles per hour as that storm races off to the north and east. the worst of it down at the beaches will be later this morning, four or five hours from now as the storm continues to track off not north and east. wind not too impressive locally. we did get report of a wind of 67 miles per hour out at cape hatteras just a couple of minutes ago. it is starting to pick up along the carolina coast. here in washington, seven miles per hour. we'll be a little breezy and here at times with our wind oust north maybe 10 to 15, gusting to maybe 20. we'll watch the wind here all morning as they should start to pick up as the storm gets a little closer. let's take a look at this track. the good news with earl, because it is a very powerful storm, it is just far enoughive shore. remember, around the eye of that hurricane, the eye wall is most intense pa
still 70 in southern maryland where the humidity has come up a little more. 72 by 9:00. 80ish by noon. could be a shower late. highs in the mid to upper 80s. right now 5:00 a.m. let's get to traffic news. >>> a fatal accident investigation going on and it is between brooks drive and silver hill road. we are hearing from officials they will probably have it closed in both directions up until 6:30. beth best bet to leave early this morning and avoid the area. 395 northbound, everybody is okay this way. making your way from the beltway across the 84th street bridge. 66 drivers eastbound, lanes are wide open. westbound approaching centreville that we have crash activity. overall very light traffic. and finally 270, end with that. earlier construction at montgomery village avenue. it is out of here. smooth sailing to the spur. back to you. >>> >>> an investigation is underway in to that deadly crash that angie mentioned. an suv collided with answer ambulance early this morning killing three people. the crash happened in the 5600 block of marlboro pike in prince georges county. 9 ne
in the afternoon. highs around 80. 70 southern maryland. low 70s on the delmarva and 50s from hagerstown west toward cumberland and winchester is 59. 63 in centreville and manassas, sterling 62. we have 62 in rockville. 65 here in alexandria. brandywine and crofton and columbia at 64. national is 65. with the light rain out there and the dew.at 63. i want to show you, this low pressure, this is coming up. that's why rain will be off and on through at least tomorrow morning and should be better in the afternoon. 80 tomorrow. afternoon looks better. wednesday 79 and more rain possible on thursday with highs in the 70s. patranya bhoolsuwan, i give you wet streets and that means? >> it's going to be wet and rainy. >> way to take it and run. >> way to take it. thank you, howard. >> it will be wet to start off the week. use extra caution wherever you go. a live picture on 95 northbound from lorton to the beltway. right now we are seeing volume pick up as we speak but no incidents or accidents to report. that's good news. move over to a realtime maps. we are checking out traffic between springfield
? >>> not much. overnight construction and has been moved out of the way. southern maryland, things are good. green light on 95. a little more action out of frederick on the 270. 95 and 66, travel times are still with us. greenway and the toll road, we give you the green light. >>> thanks. >> up next, the debate over deer hunting. >>> who is heading home with? the singer or the situation? >>> who is heading home with? the singer or the situation? we wil more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. >> michael and chelsea. >> michael bolton was the next person to be booted from "dancing with the star's". we will hear more from him and his partner and a little bit later. we will have the latest on the controversy regarding the booes heard on the monday night episode regarding sarah palin. >> and not to follow. >>> a showdown in one county. >> it is a ban on bowhunting to pare down of the deer population. >> read the signs warn drivers to be on the lookout
virginia. this will move up to the east side of 95. and affect southern maryland and the delmarva. so if you are in annapolis down to st. mary's city this is got in the cross hairs so to speak. we have activity to the west. although this has been weakening the past hour or so. we will have rain and showers everywhere. don't get me wrong but i think in terms of the biggest threat east and west of town. let's start with drive. you can access this at our website at wusa9.com and check out our weather a. before we zoom in we had light activity in la plata and 95. this will get more intense the next couple of hours and skim over the bay and hit the eastern sections of anne arundel county and calvert county. we will point up to the north and west. one area that is still fairly heavy off to the west now. it will cross over 40 and 70. it is west of meyersville and northwest of middletown and frederick county and produce heavy rain but nothing severe. let's go to the computer. tonight, flash flood watch, rain and thunderstorms. some heavy, some severe. low temperatures 65 to 70. winds south so
by the time you get there. a quick spin into southern maryland. a nice trip on route 4, 5, and good on 95 and the baltimore washington parkway between thurgood marshall airports and the beltway. southbound on 270 is where we usually see actions starting. moving frederick into montgomery county looks good. looks good on the green light. route 7 looks quiet into tysons. 66 and 95, traffic will heat up so on. it's quiet in springfield. north and south on 95 in the camera. back to you. >> thank you. >>> outside, 65 degrees. >> we will be >>> what a shot by louis on killer. >> things never seem to change with baltimore. ray lewis and the ravens defensive unit outlasted the new york jets last night. the new meadowlands stadium that they are sharing with the new york giants. the ravens 110-9. >>> it is oprah winfrey's 25th anniversary and final season. >> she started off with a big bang with one of for a great trade marks, a giveaway. now the highlights. >> it was the beginning of the end. the premiere episode of the final season, oprah gave 300 audience members and over the doctor down under. >
, good coming at the southern maryland, route 4, route 5. uneventful on 66, 95, 395, the greenway, and the dulles toll road. looking at the beltway, not much happening. welcome to o-dark-30, ladies. >>> more condemnation for plans for a florida church to burn copies of the koran. hillary clinton said during the holy book would be disgraceful. other political leaders have also come out against the plan. it would hurt all religions. >> bearing false witness against your neighbor is against the koran, is against the bible, it is against the gospels. we have to be here. >> the question we have, if we do not do would come out when to stop backing down? when do we stop giving into islam? >> thank you. >>> the burning was planned and proposed to a mosque being built at ground zero. >>> president obama will mark the attacks and joe biden will travel to ground zero in new york. michelle obama and laura bush will travel to pennsylvania for ceremonies marking the crash of united flight 93. >>> president obama will roll out his latest plans for the economy. the white house is working to rever
see the cloud cover building up a little bit across southern maryland. i shower may even try to form here this evening. we will stay dry around baltimore tonight as the winds turned toward the north. well hurricane earl brushes the coast and moved away. a cold front will be coming in and that will bring at taste of a fall into the region for labor day weekend. tropical storm girl had a well- defined eye earlier in in the day. it is showing a little bit of a weakening trend now. there are still hurricane warnings on the outer banks. those are in the pink shaded areas. there is a coastal flood advisory. tides are expected to be one-to be above normal. the eye of the storm is safely off the coast. there are a few showers and gusty winds of the coastal areas tomorrow. watch how quickly the storm balls away and the skies start to clear up. ls away and thels sky is start to clear up. only a 20% chance of a shower year. a much better chance of a shower in ocean city tomorrow. meanwhile, at we will have brisk north wins. dangerous currents, but look at how labor day weekend improves. ocean c
's capital are getting swamped with tropical storm nicole. southern maryland, metropolitan d.c. with trouble traveling. and with flooded streets, sidewalks in the downpour. in a newark city, city officials are urging residents to be careful-new york city. >> i would like to take a moment to exercise caution tomorrow encourage exercising caution, serious forecast with freeing heavy rain, and when of 60 mph on a normal day that could cause giant limb and trees to fall. with several storm damage from a few weeks ago, they should take extra c caution and please make sure that people are safe. this is an unprecedented of the end, 1200 state, federal employees are working together to make sure their responses are coordinated and executed as quickly, safely as possible. >> in north carolina, three people were killed and a store related accident. their car after storm related. >> a suicide of a rutgers freshman is ooutrage of is students. and vicki liviakis secret sexual encounter. >> to fellow students are using a web camera to stream his tyler clemente in a sexual encounter with the man on the int
construction because of the long holiday. map and describe things rolling nicely. out of southern maryland, about -- 228 anhd to 28, s21 210 looks nice. traffic moving nicely. looks good on 66 and 95. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the end of the holiday weekend, back-to-school means more buses and cars on the nodes. >> expect the worst, according to aaa. courtney robinson is all 270 in rockville. >> good morning. things are looking pretty good right now, but with all the schools in our area back in session and many going back to work, to let it says expect gridlock. organisation predicts terrible traffic on this tuesday. it will be forced ingestion in the past few months. that means you might need to build extra time did your commute. another matter complicating things its construction projects during a again. the hot lanes project on 495, 295 crossing the anacostia river near 11th street, lanes will close for construction lasting up to a month. new traffic patterns as well. this morning we will be monitoring the blaze. lisa baden will let you know how things look. courtney robinson repor
been almo four inches in southern maryland. we've had over an inch and a half in washington. the temperatures will hold steady while this rain comes down hard. also a tornado watch throughout stern virginia, the district of columbia, and much of maryland and the eastern shore until 1:00. an individual cell could produce a funnel cloud. more rain on the way here through the day, with pockets of heavy downpours. likely more flooding into the afternoon hours. it will taper off and end tonight, drawing out with blustery winds tomorrow and cooling down for the weekend. how's the traffic? >> we continue to follow breaking news. a good example, i'm sorry to say, of what we're facing alrdy this morning with an accident. cars spun out. fire and rescue crews on the scene. this is just one of many accidents this morning. this one occurred a short time ago. 95 northbound near route 123 in woodbridge. in addition to that, accidents 95 northbound at dufries authorities are dealing with those. it's going to be a very, very tough commute. right side the outer loop of the american legion bri
of rain which is just coming up out of virginia and southern maryland, will be with us for a while. is heavy as you get down to parts of eastern north carolina. that is one thing will have to watch for tomorrow, the potential for severe storms embedded in this batch of heavy rain. so far the -- only. 02 of rain so far officially. we are still running cool, 65, frederick county in the low 60s, and it gets chilly out in western maryland in the 50's. tropical like air is already starting to feed up into southern maryland. the air is loaded with moisture, so look for some showers in the region in the morning. breezy, 58-65 to start off thursday. nicole did not last very long. it was gone by 5:00 in the afternoon, but the remnants of it down here are still loaded with tropical moisture and this area of low pressure, combined with new ones on this stalled front will bring all the tropical moisture into the mid atlantic. we are in for some heavy rain and may be severe thunderstorms as well. rod brown baltimore and on to the eastern shore tomorrow afternoon, watch for gusty winds. the poss
and the baltimore and washington park a pretty clean. no issues out of southern maryland. to 10 is the scent. traffic out of springfield, look at those headlights. >>> thanks. it is that time of day. 5:42. >>> clearing the air on "dancing with the star's". we will hear about the latest. >>> a frantic search for survivors after the birth crumbles. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money? meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pncvirtualwallet.com. pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪ activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it! m
are cloudy from baltimore southward down through dc and southern maryland. also much of the eastern shore under the clouds right now. we're clearing out in western maryland and our northern counties, northern baltimore county, northern carroll and northern harford county. winds light and variable, gusty at times. we saw gusts up to 20. that led to enhanced fire risk and special statement from the national weather service. mid-70s, a little warmer west. 81 frederick. 73 easton. the rest of the evening, we're in the 70s. variably cloudy, a pleasant couple of hours left to vote. and an early look at the hour by hour forecast tomorrow. some sunshine, we'll see 60s early in the day. and then temperatures warming into the upper 70s by late in the afternoon. there are big changes in terms of our chances of rain coming up towards the weekend. we'll look at that and all the way to sunday, coming up. >>> maryland congressman dutch ruppersberger faces a primary challenge from a fellow democrat who says he wants to end reckless spending in congress. accountant jeffrey morris of pasadena is one of th
and across dorchester county. southern maryland is getting hit already. this may well fall on the eastern shores. this is all in response to another area of low pressure. the first round of rain was just a typical coastal storm coming up with tropical moisture in it and now what is left of the tropical storm will actually have to pass through our region and bring some rain as we go through the overnight. this is the first batch of rain moving north. check out the almanac and you will see a new record for the day, three and a half inches. this matched the old record which was only 1.6 inches on the last day of september, 1920. sunspots have had twice this amount right along the western shore of the bay. two points have come up to tropical levels. it looks like being down in the tropics, that is why we have had so much rain. the higher the two. , the more moisture in the atmosphere. when the temperature gets lower, we could have some fog in the area. this purple stripes mostly over the bay of sometimes clipping the western shores are where the heaviest rain has fallen. in the purple area, t
of those showers into southern maryland and northern neck. temperatures in the 70s with 60s now in the valley. 88 by noon, a little more sun drive home temperature is 87. >> >> 9 news now is brought to you in part by lighten up. . >> you can tell by the microphone sounds the winds picking up so is the rain. here we go. and so is the rain. here we go. harry, erica, over to you. >> good job. >> dave, thanks. >>> still ahead this morning, a woman is attacked with a cup of acid. thrown at her face by a complete stranger. she'll share her really unbelievable story of survival. >>> also, the best deals on four wheels. find out why this weekend is the best time of year to buy a car. >>> plus, just how clean is your kitchen? if you're like many americans, not very. probably wouldn't even pass a restaurant inspection. don't invite us to dinner. just kidding. we'll tell you how to clean it up. ♪ our natural sweetener is born from the leaves of the stevia plant. it's sparkly and sweet with zero calories and zero grains of doubt. truvia. honestly sweet. find it at your grocery store. stay
of the roads there as well as in southern maryland. they've had the heaviest rains. up to five inches have fallen. heaviest are in eastern ann arundel county. we'll have more rain from time to time throughout the rest of the day, perhaps a small tornado popping up as well up until around 1:00. the rain will taper off and end tonight. >>> a new crash just moments ago. we are going to check traffic next. >>> good morning, everyone. police arriving on thecene of a reported ♪ ♪ >>> 7:30 now on a thursday morning. the: 30eth day of september, 2010. wedding day. we he a beautiful tent set up for our guests of loving nature this morning. right now, those guests or some of them are being treated by our singer. we will have more on this inside studio 1a. i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira. you should be a welding singer. >> i have the voice for it. want to hear me now? >> no. >> later? >> no. >> okay. >> meanwhile, our bride and groom, melissa and jeremy are racing to get ready. jeremy has been in iraq and have been separated during their courtship and get ready. >> they have had hard ti
, fairfax and montgomery county. farther to the wefshths temperatures in the upper 50s and 60s. southern maryland anthe northern virginia is upper 60s. near 60 maryland and west virginia. a few locations dipped into the 50s. we have a few high clouds north andest on an upper level low. here's the latest with hurricane igor. it is a very well-formed storm. julie coming off to the right of your screen. not developing yet. igor is taking it north and west and near bermuda saturday midday. winds decreased, 135. it's200 miles southeast of ocean city. it looks like it will stay out to sea. he's how thgs are looking for tuesday, election day. great weather. temperatures in the upper 70s. low 80s by midafternoon. we'll have a crescent move in the sky after sunset. and then wednesday into the upper 70s to near 80 with sunshine. thursd, incrowsing clou. high mid-80s. jerry, how is the traffic? >> smooth sailing all jurisdictions. as we take a live look, capital and new hampshire. so far, so good. visibility much better than this time yesterday. let's head over. rush hour picking up a little bit of
. we had a little of that here. you see that one deep red band now from southern maryland to the eastern shore. lots of moderate-to-heavy rain. live doppler 9000. we have moderate rain across the area. look at the deep pockets of red off to the east. you saw scott broom in annapolis. it is on the eastern shore across the bay bridge. if scott takes the trip across that, and i don't recommend that, because the eastern shore is hit hard. let's zoom in at washington and bwi. there have been many flight cancellations. torrential rain north of severna park. on the east side of baltimore. here is annapolis. shady side and over to queens town. this is dumping buckets of rain in the range of 1-2" or 3" per hour rainfall rates. we will go farther south down into copper county. st. michael's, you are dealing with a heavy shower there. potentially heavy wind. beyond the tornado watch area, we have a potential to spin up and rotate. we have st. leonard with the moderate rain off the eastern shore. st. mary's city, look at the lift north. the torrential rain continuing there. charles co
it is brushing the coast of the carolinas up into southern maryland here and southeast maryland as we speak. rain bands as you can see, most impressive, very heavy rain. we've got wind gusts reported up to about 70 miles per hour earlier this morning in cape hatteras. i mentioned it is pushing off to the north and east. it is getting kind of stretched out now. you can see it getting dragged there to the north and east and away from the washington area. the cloud shield all the way back into western maryland and western virginia and that will kind of get pushed out too. so hang in there. we'll have a left cloud cover and even some light showers. but later this afternoon, here in the washington area, i think we'll break out into partly sunny skies with high temperatures about 90 or so. it will be a decent day once we get earl out of here. let's go to the local radar. i want to show you what is happening here locally. you will be able to see that we got some rain not too far away. ocean city, we expected the rain. but some of the the bands of rain have pushed closer to washington, down aross the sou
beginning to develop here, and we're picking up it on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. heavy showers and storms down here into southern virginia. just inland of another funk and back into -- norfolk and back into parts of eastern carolina, unbelievable deluges of rain. that same wet weather tracking due north, really more northeast of north. the heaviest of this may in fact impact the eastern shore as opposed to central and western maryland but it's in central maryland where we have the flood watch. let's look now downtown. looking good. dry, 74. humidity high. uncomfortably so. it's muggy out there. winds southeast around 5 to 10. rain totals have been very high today. not so much right along the immediate chesapeake though we have a coastal flood advisory in these, these areas. rockville, more than an inch, in many cases pushing more than two inches. mount airy may have gotten two inches today as well as well as manchester. in the heavy downpours we had earlier this afternoon. so they were heavy. temperaturewise, mid-70s now. we'll float around 70 degrees through the overnight. m
are your headlines, a cool morning tomorrow morning. we may see some sprinkles in southern maryland, but a very wet day coming up on thursday. possibly even some flooding coming up on thursday. >>> a big development in battleground maryland. a new poll shows martin o'malley with a pretty substantial lead over bob ehrlich. the poll was just released tonight. o'malley has and 11. advantage. of ehrlich -- o'malley has an 11 point advantage. the poll numbers had the two in a dead heat. this margin of error has 3.5%. >>> a former president is about to give barbara mikulski a helping hand. bill clinton will be headlining a campaign fund-raiser. he will speak on behalf of barbara mikulski in bethesda. >>> democrats are making a nationwide election day pushed by going back to school. younger voters played an important role in president obama's victory. members of his administration are trying to hit pay dirt again. >> put your hands together for the hon. kathy [unintelligible] >> kathleen sebelius joked she was the president's warm-up act, rallying students at maryland. >> we cannot let thi
the 90s the last two days, upper 70s just about everywhere. low 80s in southern maryland. clouds across pennsylvania, these are actually lake effect clouds coming in on the cool northwest flow across the great lakes. enhanced clouds back into pennsylvania but the sunshine here in maryland, pa and especially pittsburgh has the gray skies. high pressure in control sending that cool north wind dawn our -- down our way and the warmest air bottled up down south now. the next boundary due in saturday night. we are hoping that will spark showers around here. this forecast bringing a mixture of clouds and sunshine through the day tomorrow, nice start to the weekend, another day in the mid to upper 70s and then saturday we are talking about low 80s as this next boundary approaches out of the west. it doesn't look really impressive right now but if we get enough of a southerly wind, enough moisture in here, we may at least get, you know, a quarter inch of rain or more, hopefully overnight saturday night. tropical storm igor, no rain from him anytime soon. he's still just off the african coast her
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